We Are Going!!!

A selfish secret from your NAWD leader.

Shhhhh….. Don’t tell anyone…. But NAWD was created just for me. I’m a backyard amateur. I work a full time job and am a full-time Mom to two lovely young ladies. One of my daughters is just starting to drive and the...
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NAWD and FOSH, partners for the Festival for the Horse

The beauty and natural grace of the horse can only be fully realized through biomechanically correct and humane training and riding practices.
FOSH and NAWD have enjoyed partnership since 2015. They stand for Equine Welfare and Education, the keys to realizing a fulfilling connection with your equine partner.

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Karen Jacobson is looking forward to Festival

The 2017 Festival For The Horse is coming up in just over a month and I'm already counting the days!. As a young girl I marveled at horses from a distance, thinking that they are soo beautiful and majestic. Sadly, I spent most of my life in fear of them. As my own...
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